Sustainability is an easy concept for a business or industry to put its verbal support behind, but it’s a different matter to actually put weight behind the words. By virtue of the industry it is involved in, Aluminum Shapes more than meets the criteria for true sustainability through both the product it produces and the energy required to produce the product.

Aluminum is sustainable. The Aluminum Association estimates that over two-thirds of all the aluminum ever produced is still in use today. Beyond its inherent durability, aluminum is also highly recyclable – a property inherent to the metal. Supported by a large and technologically evolving aluminum industry infrastructure, this property can be harnessed to its fullest societal and industrial purposes.

But the story doesn’t stop here. Since the 1990’s, Aluminum Shapes has been involved with sustainable and renewable energy sources through investment in on-site solar and methane gas generating facilities that provide more than 50% of energy required to power its Pennsauken-based plant and offices. Further involvement in the US EPA’s voluntary Green Power Partnership has led to the expert advice, technical support, and resources that allow Aluminum Shapes to reduce the transaction costs of buying green power, reduce its carbon footprint, and communicate its leadership in sustaining and improving its environmental performance to key stakeholders in the renewable energy marketplace.