A Comprehensive, Industry-Leading Resource for Fabricated Aluminum Products

Over the past 50 years, Aluminum Shapes, LLC has produced some of the highest profile aluminum fabricated structures in the nation including scaffolding for the Statue of Liberty and Washington Monument cleaning and restoration projects. Operating one of the largest and most comprehensive fabrication facilities in the country, Aluminum Shapes is able to miter cut, weld, and assemble each scaffolding component to precise tolerances that allow contractors to erect these massive scaffolding structures on-site with minimal fabrication requirements.

Beyond these award winning fabricated structures, the company’s core day-to-day business involves manufacture and assembly of high quality components and subassemblies that utilize a combination of extrusions, fabrications, welding, and anodizing in medium to large runs for a wide range of automotive, transportation, recreational/leisure, architectural, construction, renewable energy systems, and distribution industries. Most importantly, we can supply these components and subassemblies on a just-in-time basis that allows them to go from the dock to the assembly station – reducing delivery time on finished products while reducing inventory and eliminating scrap.

Aluminum Shapes, LLC has years of experience in partnering with OEMs to develop and manufacture products that are of higher quality and less costly to produce while streamlining their fabrication and assembly processes. Available resources include:

  • Engineering support
  • Anodizing
  • Machining and drilling
  • Precision cutting and sawing
  • Rolling and bending
  • Punching and notching
  • Welding
  • Assembly and packaging

Our Equipment Capabilities

With more than 80 pieces of in-house equipment, Aluminum Shapes, LLC is well suited to handle virtually any customer production or application requirement.