Ongoing Safety Training at Aluminum Shapes LLC.

In the auditorium located in the center of the production plant at the Aluminum Shapes Facility in Delair, NJ a large group of employees gathered for the 10th voluntary safety briefing and training session offered to every shift. These sessions are offered as a part of Aluminum Shapes’ ongoing commitment to their 400 employees’ workplace safety. While treated to lunch, workers were educated on safety topics such as molten metal explosions, personal protective equipment and best safety practices along with anecdotal examples and the consequences of false safety beliefs.

Brigette Douglass, Vice President of Sales and Marketing said “These training events are important on so many levels for all Aluminum Shapes employees. Having a chance to share lunch with everyone while showing them how much we care about their safety is important and essential. These events lend to a happier, safer and more productive workplace.”

The session was hosted by Alex Lowry, a workplace safety advocate and trainer from  Wise Chem. Vincent Gatto, Director of Operations at Aluminum Shapes said “As much as we focus on safety it is helpful for other professionals to come in and lend validity to what we preach daily. The examples Alex showed reenforce the potential consequences of even a momentary lapse in safety practices. I take every workers safety as a personal obligation and am happy to have opportunities like this to educate employees.