Improved Parking Lot at Aluminum Shapes

March 29, 2016 – Employees at Aluminum Shapes yesterday were welcomed by a freshly paved parking lot as they pulled in for their shifts. This is a welcome change from the tight spaces and potholes that were common in the parking lot before the repaving was complete. “Now when I show up to work I know there will be plenty of parking and I don’t have to worry about picking a spot without a pothole,” said Edward Fricker, an employee celebrating 19 years at Aluminum Shapes.

It is extremely important to us that our employees have a positive experience during their shift,” said Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brigette Douglass, “We feel that a positive experience begins as soon as they pull into the parking lot. By paying attention to the small things, such as parking, as well as the larger renovations we are undertaking, we are letting our employees know that we appreciate all of the efforts they put forward daily to make Shapes successful.”

Shapes has also showcased their commitment to the local economy by contracting American Asphalt, a South Jersey company to tackle the large job. “We were impressed with how quickly and efficiently American Asphalt completed the job,” said Vice President of Finance, Robert Otterbein. “They went the extra mile to ensure our workers experienced the least amount of disruption while repaving. We really appreciate their hard work and thoughtfulness.”