Aluminum Shapes to Expand Global Export Presence

Delair, New Jersey (June 1, 2016) – Aluminum Shapes LLC one of the country’s largest extruders of aluminum, announced today its plans to participate in the Trade Winds-Latin America Conference and Trade Mission in Santiago, Chile. The conference, hosted by the U.S Commercial Service, focuses on helping US companies connect with vetted foreign buyers and partners to facilitate deals in Latin America. To be eligible for this program, a company must currently export product, as well as source a minimum of 51% of their raw material from the United States. For Aluminum Shapes, exporting its American-made aluminum extrusions is a key part of its growth strategy to expand its global market share.

According to Brigette Douglass, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Aluminum Shapes LLC, “To be at the point where we can look toward aggressively expanding our exports is a great place for our company to be today. When we began our road to rebuilding, the focus was really on bringing the facility back up to speed.”

“Our success over the past couple of years can be attributed to the hard working men and women who, day in and day out, give us their all. We are looking forward to this next exciting chapter in the ‘Shapes’ story,” Douglass continued.

The “road to rebuilding” mentioned above by Douglass alludes to the multiple years Aluminum Shapes spent under the ownership of a private equity firm who had reduced the staffing and output of the company, during difficult economic times, to the point Shapes’ future was in serious jeopardy. It was only in the past few years when an international investment group took ownership of Aluminum Shapes that the future began looking bright again. The investment group immediately began making positive changes that affected not only production, but also the employee experience.

These changes are still in progress today, with the facility undergoing a complete renovation. Currently, Aluminum Shapes employs over 440 workers, most of whom are members of the Teamsters Local 107.

Tony Ceballos, Director of the U.S. Commercial Service in Philadelphia commented, “Seeing a local manufacturer such as Aluminum Shapes not only expand their workforce, but also focus their efforts on exporting products, is a testament to how the global economy can benefit a local workforce. We look forward to guiding them towards success and connecting them with international customers through our worldwide network in US Embassies and Consulates… particularly Latin America which is not only a destination for over 40% of our exports, but a market where U.S. exports are growing faster than trade with the rest of the world.”

The conference will take place September 7-9, 2016 in Santiago, Chile.


A fully integrated company, Shapes offers the widest range of production and distribution capabilities in the industry including: Billet Casting, Remelt, Extrusion, Die Support, Fabrication, Finishings, Aluminum Anodizing, Engineering Design Support, Shipping and Distribution.

From its 267,020 square meter, state-of-the-art facility, Shapes operates a highly efficient manufacturing and distribution operation with centralized administration, marketing, and customer service. Combined with our on-site engineering staff, technical support and quality assurance procedures, we can provide our customers with more rapid order fulfillment, higher quality, and better on time delivery performance. Backed by these capabilities and significant infrastructure investments over the last decade, Shapes has created one of the most comprehensive soft alloy aluminum extrusion facilities in North America.